Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows

Modern Design, Effortless Ventilation, and More

Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows offer multifaceted advantages, including exceptional ventilation control. Their unique design allows you to tilt them for controlled airflow or swing them open entirely. The 90-degree turning feature facilitates easy cleaning from the inside, ensuring practicality and convenience.

These windows are exceptionally adaptable, making them suitable for various settings. They work well in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, and are also perfect for spaces where external obstacles like narrow walkways or balconies limit traditional window opening.

Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows are gaining popularity due to their modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, and ease of operation. Their secure locking system and versatility have made them a preferred choice among homeowners.

These windows exhibit a sleek, contemporary design that suits both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

At LuxR Interio Door & Window, we offer a range of customization options, allowing you to choose the best style and configuration to match your home’s aesthetics and your preferences.







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  • Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows provide versatile ventilation control. They can be tilted for controlled airflow or turned fully for maximum ventilation.
  • These windows offer a sleek, modern design that complements a wide range of architectural styles.
  • These windows are equipped with advanced locking systems, enhancing home security.


  • Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows are ideal for various residential settings. They work exceptionally well in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.
  • These windows are perfect for apartments or homes with limited external space, such as narrow walkways or balconies.
  • These windows are an excellent choice for offices and commercial spaces. They not only provide a modern and professional look but also offer practicality.

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